I love helping clients identify and engage the right stakeholders, including providing strategic overviews of the engagement process, and design and facilitation of individual workshops.  There's a video introducing some tools here. I also help backbone or convening organisations do their job better, learning about the six characteristic challenges of collaboration and how to move beyond them.

UK supermarket

This well-known high-street name was developing its sustainability reporting, and wanted to find out which aspects of its sustainability impacts were of most interest to key stakeholders.  But the business was considered so toxic by many stakeholders that it wasn't possible to bring them together for consultation workshops. Instead, detailed one-to-one interviews were carried out to identify the most important KPIs and qualitative insights helped the client team to develop its recommendation.

Competency framework for a profession

IOSH is the professional body for health and safety.  IOSH wanted to develop an up-to-date competency framework with its members and other stakeholders, to ensure its professionals could take their place in leadership positions rather than always being seen as technical specialists and no more than that.  My role included facilitating project team meetings and the project planning process, providing specialist advice on the overall stakeholder engagement process, and designing and facilitating workshops for different stakeholder groupings.

Collaboration in water catchments

The government's approach to meeting Water Framework Directive targets in England, is to catalyse collaborative working at catchment level. Working with InterAct Networks (on capacity building) and Dialogue by Design (providing strategic advice and facilitation of collaborative workshops), I helped my clients shape the national approach and built capacity for leading collaboration across the Environment Agency.  I also worked directly with a number of catchment collaborations, designing and facilitating workshops which enabled them to find common ground and plan their work.


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