Sometimes my clients need help working together better, to meet their sustainable development objectives.  This may be because a particular problem has been stopping progress.  It may be because the strategy that needs working out is complex and hard to hold onto when it's being discussed. Or they may simply need everyone in the room to be part of the conversation.  Working with a qualified, highly experienced external facilitator can enable that to happen. 


The Environment Agency and the health protection agency

After the devastating floods of 2007, the Environment Agency and the Health Protection Agency realised that they needed to review they way they worked together. In particular, they wanted to focus on how they shared information before, during and after flood incidents.  Following a number of preliminary conversations, I designed and facilitated a one-day workshop which enabled specialists and operational staff from both organisations to get to know each other better, build trust and agree some short- and long-term actions to better plan for and respond to flooding.

Transport sector client

Another memorable workshop was for a client - and their subcontractors - in the transport sector. By working together with both the client and the subcontractors, we were able to collaboratively explore opportunities for real change which were now available to them, because of the introduction of a new KPI system.

Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future is a charity that, like all charities, has a board of trustees. They wanted to make their mid-strategy review meeting as effective as possible. So I worked with the Chair and Chief Executive, designing and then facilitating a session that slotted seamlessly into the agenda, enable a more creative sharing of perspectives than are traditionally used in trustee meetings.

Building facilitation skills

I also work with staff to use my facilitation assignments as a way of building their skills and experience: combining external facilitation with skills sharing, training, live practice and debriefing.

Take a look at what your facilitator will ask you, and what you need from your facilitator when you're collaborating.


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