Quite a lot of what I’ve learnt has been committed to paper / cyberspace, in the hope that others will find it useful.


Change Management for Sustainable Development was published in December 2017. This is a fully revised and updated second edition of the workbook first published in 2006 by the IEMA/  It forms volume 1 in a new series of Sustainability in Practice guides which IEMA is producing for its members, who are mostly environmental and sustainability professionals in the UK. The aim of the workbook is to introduce technical environmental specialists to the wonders of organisational change, learning and other ‘soft skills’ needed to get change happening in their organisations. A pdf of the original is available here.

In 2013, DoShorts published Working Collaboratively, which looks at examples of collaboration which aim to shift whole systems. It includes tips from practitioners, case examples and lots of advice on how to navigate the early messy stages of working collaboratively. It is available in hard copy or as an ebook, including from Routledge who now publish it.

What’s it like from the inside? The Challenges of Being an Organisational Change Agent for Sustainability A chapter in "Change and Sustainability" edited by Chris Galea and published by Greenleaf in 2012.  Based on a survey of organisational change agents, their views on how effective they are and how they see their work in relation to the wider sustainability movement.

Supporting the change agents: keeping ourselves effective on the journey of change A chapter in “Consulting for Business Sustainability”, also edited by Chris Galea and published by Greenleaf in 2009, this article shares the results of a survey of organisational change agents, which explored their optimism and pessimism, and how they keep themselves effective in the face of their beliefs about how much change needs to happen in order to reach sustainability. Find out what else is in the journal here.

Sustainable Development special edition of Organisations & People. I was guest editor of this special edition, and it contains my ‘Being the change’ for climate leadership', as well as articles by David Ballard, Charles Ainger and Wendy Pickford, Jenny Sardone and Magdalena Szpala, Oci Stott and David Fell, Jim Hopwood, and Cathy Farnworth, Barun Gurung and Janice Jiggins.

Organisational leader or part of a wider change movement? How sustainable development change agents see themselves is a paper presented to the 2008 EABIS Colloquium. You can read the paper here.

Croner published All aboard? Harnessing people’s values to embed a sustainability ethos in 2008 as part of its Environmental Policy and Procedures Guide. You can read it here. This report was published as part of Croner’s Environmental Policy and Procedures, a resource designed to guide organisations through setting up an effective environmental management system.

Different planets: belief, denial and courage A chapter in “Teaching Business Sustainability” edited by Chris Galea and published by Greenleaf in 2007, this article discusses exercises and approaches which trainers and facilitators can use to help people who are learning about sustainable development to manage their own emotional responses.

Then there’s my regular columns in the environmentalist, IEMA’s magazine. Most of these can be accessed via the blog.

I’ve written a few training manuals too, to help trainers with exercises and training plans, as well as background materials.

  • The Natural Step Facilitators’ Manual - three editions of this, the third published way back in 2000 by The Natural Step UK.
  • Sustainable Tourism in Action - a training kit for managers, published by the Travel Foundation.
  • Introduction to Environmental Awareness - published by the IEMA.